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ReportLab's unique PDF generation toolkit is used by thousands of developers around the world for generating attractive documents straight from raw content and data. Whatever your requirements, our toolkits can bring significant benefits to your business.

Both ReportLab toolkits (commercial and open source) are available for immediate download.

ReportLab PLUS

ReportLab PLUS is our powerful commercial package that powers some of the most famous companies in the world.

ReportLab PLUS is built to make creating complex PDFs as simple as writing HTML. Content, templating and dynamic behaviour is all controlled using our XML-based ReportLab Markup Language which will be instantly famliar to anyone with web development experience. We find we are able to develop our in-house projects over five times faster when using RML.

We include tools that allow you to take and reuse design assets from other files, meaning you can quickly use ReportLab's automation abilities whilst producing exactly the same looking documents you current make manually. All ReportLab output is of professional print-quality (and can include markings and bleed areas with a few simple commands) so a single  production run can now give you both web and print output.

ReportLab PLUS licenses come with a guaranteed number of support hours from our own in-house developers to get you up and running. 

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Download a fully functional demo of ReportLab PLUS

Reportlab open-source

The core of our PDF tool-kit is freely available as an open-source package. Whilst lacking some of the more powerful toosl found in ReportLab PLUS, Python-proficient developers can often produce fantastic systems from this software alone.

New features and performance enhancements filter down to the open-source package from ReportLab PLUS over time, and it is the revenue generated from the commercial package that allows us to keep this support.

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Tailored Complete Solutions

Our software solves the problems of some of the biggest companies on the planet. If you think ReportLab could help you but do not have the development resources or time to implement your solution please talk to us - ReportLab can build it for you. We have over a decade of experience working with large multination companies who need efficient, robust and often secure systems developed.

  • Dynamic automated report and document generation
  • Advanced web interfaces
  • Hosted, cloud-based systems
  • Data management 
  • Integration into your existing IT infratructure

Please take a look at our case studies pages or get in touch for more information. 

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