BPP Law & Business School

"At a stroke, we've solved a number of problems with the old style university prospectuses. We've made a massive cost saving and at the same time, we're targeting our information more accurately."

-- Craig Hurring, Head of Brand, BPP


BPP is a leading training organisation aimed at business professionals, offering a range of Continuous Professional Development courses and degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Currently BPP has a Law School and Business School which together run over 7,000 accountancy and tax courses, and more than 700 different types of professional development courses. In 2008, BPP had over 11,000 students in more than 40 locations worldwide.

It's a huge number of courses and options, and that means a corresponding avalanche of brochures, prospectuses and other promotional material. That's why in 2010, BPP's marketing team approached ReportLab to help streamline their approach.

We helped them implement a simple online application which allows prospective students to select only the information that interests them, creating a brochure specifically tailored to their needs and career stage to download from the website.

The system doesn't just passively glue pages together. It's a fully dynamic document creation system which adds a front and back cover, numbers the pages, and creates a customised, click-able table of contents. Each component is carefully styled to match the exact look and feel of their site and the output is indistinguishable from manually prepared documents.

This approach allows BPP to re-use the material prepared for hard-copy prospectuses, while reducing the huge cost of printing and postage. For the future, BPP are looking to move further from print and its associated cost, towards more web-based information. The traditional, one-size-fits-all prospectus is going the way of the Dodo - in its place has evolved a leaner and fitter way of getting the right information to the right people, at the right time.

Click here to try out BPP demo system.