ReportLab's open-source and commerical products (ReportLab PLUS) are supported wtih a full range of documentation. Those using ReportLab PLUS benefit from developer support hours built in as standard, allowing you to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Software Products
ReportLab open-source User Guide Get PDF
ReportLab PLUS / RML User Guide Get PDF
Developer FAQ See here
Tutorials and Templating 
ReportLab Tutorials: worked examples of functional applications Tutorials
preppy User Guide See here
pyRXP User Guide See here
Platypus User Guide See here
ReportLab Markup Language™ (RML)
RML for beginners - a tutorial for new users Get PDF
RML Full User Guide Get PDF
RML Complete Tag Reference List See here
Integrating RML into popular Web Frameworks See here
Introduction to Pagecatcher™ Get PDF
PageCatcher™ User Guide See here
Diagra User Guide Get PDF
Diagra Chart Gallery See here
Diagra Tutorial Get PDF
Diagra Tutorial sample data files Get .ZIP
System Solutions
University on-demand prospectuses white paper Get PDF
ReportLab mailing list See here
Latest ReportLab release notes See here