Install ReportLab Open Source


ReportLab open source is now compatible with Python 3.3+. We will continue to support Python 2.7 for many years to come (it is what we use ourselves) but recognise that a number of users are now running version 3. Effective from April 2013, users are strongly recommended to use ReportLab 3.1.6 or higher.

To reinstall older versions, please use the older installation instructions here

Prerequisites: Python 2.7, 3.3 or 3.4. Please ensure you have updated pip prior to installation.

One pip command will install ReportLab open source and all its prerequisites. We recommend doing this in a virtual environment.

pip install reportlab

Further installation instructions including those for Windows and OSX  can be found on our Bitbucket page.


What are ReportLab's open source packages?

Our open source library is comprised of three core software packages:

Package What it does Download Documentation
ReportLab open source Our proven, industry-strength PDF generating software that is the heart of our open source products Mercurial Repository See here
Preppy ReportLab's versatile text pre-processor Mercurial Repository See here
pyRXP The fastest validating XML parser available for Python Mercurial Repository See here