ReportLab's Dynamic eBrochure System


Create the perfect travel Brochure - tailored for each and every customer

ReportLab's eBrochures system is eBrochures done right. Dynamically created on a per customer basis, eBrochures give your clients the precise, targeted content they want to see, in a tailored document they can browse at leisure.

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Our system has the flexibility to deliver any kind of content to your customers with an unmatched level of granularity and control. Let customers choose the information they want, by any criteria - locations, interests, dates or prices.

eBrochures are an attractive and useful tool for travellers and a powerful marketing tool for you. Help your customers to extract the information they need from the vast 'soup' of the World Wide Web, and keep it in a local, easily accessible file they can browse anytime.

Decisions about travel are never made instantly. A custom eBrochure gives your customers something specific that they can return to again and again as they mull over their travel decisions - and that means they're more likely to come back to you.

  • For Hotels:

    • Describe all the rooms, restaurants and bars, facilities and services in all your hotels, and let customers create their own brochure based on their exact requirements.
    • Custom content and images for each hotel.
    • Easy content management.
    • See what Hilton Hotels and Langham Hotels are doing with eBrochures
  • For Tour Operators:

    • Travel information that's always up to date
    • Let your customers take away a branded shortlist of travel choices, that they can keep in front of them while they make the decision to travel with you.
    • Dynamic PDF eBrochures
  • For Tourist Authorities:

    • Beaches or city breaks? Budget dorms, or the heights of luxury? Give each visitor the exact information they want, and unlock the value of your information.
    • Create custom travel guides precisely matched to your customers itineraries
    • Seychelles Islands Tourist Board
  • For Airlines:

    • Create great-looking, branded booking confirmations in a convenient format, with exactly the right T&C's appended automatically.
    • Include targeted practical information like maps and airport guides for your customer's destination.

Read more about how it works and what you can do with eBrochures...

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