ReportLab Toolkit


The Open Source PDF library

The ReportLab Toolkit is a library for programatically creating documents in PDF format. It's a robust, flexible, time-proven, industry-strength solution.

It's free, open-source software written in Python.

It lets you quickly and easily create or automate complex or data-driven documents. The ReportLab Toolkit has evolved over the years in direct response to the real-world reporting needs of large institutions.

It's in production use across the world as the trusted and proven foundation of existing enterprise solutions.

The library implements three main layers:

  • A graphics canvas API allowing you to 'draw' PDF pages and also create many of the special features of PDF files (outline entries, links and so on)
  • A charts and widgets library for creating reusable data graphics, including many common business and financial charts
  • A flexible page layout engine - PLATYPUS ("Page Layout and TYPography Using Scripts") - which builds documents from components like headlines, paragraphs, fonts, tables, images, and vector graphics.

The ReportLab Toolkit also provides much of the machinery for our commercial product, Report Markup Language, which allows quicker and easier document creation and a number of extra features.


  • Create professional portable documents
  • Real document layout engine (Platypus)
  • Flowable objects, such as paragraphs, headlines, tables, images, graphics, etc.
  • Supports embedded Type-1 or TTF fonts
  • Supports Asian, Hebrew and Arabic characters
  • Supports bitmap images in any popular format
  • Supports vector graphics
  • Includes a library of reusable primitive shapes
  • Extensible widget library
  • Layered architecture, written in Python
  • Includes simple demos and more complex tools
  • Allows for any data sources
  • Fully available source code
  • Strong community support
  • Platform-independent