Destination Sites

Flexible content management serving web and print from the same place

More and more, travel companies are feeling the pain of inefficient content management systems which see them struggling to exploit the full potential of their own content. With ReportLab's publications system, the very same content is managed flexibly and can drive all kinds of digital and print distributions.

Our own content management system draws directly from your own database so the two are always in sync. In fact, you may find your own database becomes redundant as all updates and management can be made directly within our own system which can freely back a website just as easily as PDF work flows.

Don't have an organised database behind your website? Let ReportLab help you build it. Our expertise with robust data feeds means we can integrate content from several different sources. Our Hilton Hotels eBrochures, for example, rely on a comprehensive scraping of their public-facing HTML content into our CMS. If your content is visible online, we can build a database from it.