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ReportLab is the time-proven, ultra-robust open-source engine for creating complex, data-driven PDF documents and custom vector graphics. It's free, open-source , and written in Python.  The package sees 50,000+ downloads per month, is part of standard Linux distributions,  is embedded in many products, and was selected to power the print/export feature for Wikipedia.

The ReportLab Toolkit has evolved over the years in direct response to the real-world reporting needs of large institutions. The library implements three main layers:

  • A graphics canvas API that 'draws' PDF pages
  • A charts and widgets library for creating reusable data graphics.
  • A page layout engine - PLATYPUS ("Page Layout and TYPography Using Scripts") - which builds documents from elements such as headlines, paragraphs, fonts, tables and vector graphics.

The open-source ReportLab Toolkit provides the core of our commercial product, ReportLab PLUS, which generates PDF at higher speed and allows use of our smart XML-based templating language RML. ReportLab PLUS contains significant upgrades over the open-source library that allows for a much faster development cycle.   If you are putting substantial time into building a solution please consider the commercial version; it is faster, does more, and the revenues directly support ongoing development. You can trial ReportLab PLUS for free.


ReportLab open-source
ReportLab PLUS
ReportLab's free PDF toolkit... All the features of ReportLab open-souce plus...
Automate document production Powerful templating tools 
Generate multiple PDFs fast Build your PDFs like HTML with Report Markup Language (RML)
Diagra charting toolkit Intelligently flow text, charts and graphics with conditional logic
Reduce paperwork and print costs PageCatcher™ - import and overprint existing design assets
  Fill pre-existing forms
  Synchronise content from multiple data sources
  Web and print-grade output from a single source
  Commercial support hours included as standard
Install via pip from PYPI
or download the source code
Install ReportLab PLUS

All our products are cross-platform and work with Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD and more. You may need to install development tools to compile our C extensions properly.

For help and guidance please see our Documentation page and FAQ

If you are developing a complex system with ReportLab functionality please look at our solutions page - we have built bespoke platforms for some of the world's biggest companies and could help you get started.