Commercial Support Packages

All ReportLab PLUS license customers receive the following support in their annual lease:

  • Same working day response during UK working hours for telephone and email enquiries
  • Rights to upgrade to new versions of the software as they become available, including daily as well as release builds
  • Best efforts to fix or provide a workaround for any bug in the core software (subject to a reproducible bug report)
  • An allowance of "non-bug" support hours, which may be used for mentoring, advice, installation assistance, or training. The time included for each volume band is as follows:
  • Additional support time can be provided as required - please contact us for a cost estimate.

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Support For Open Source Software

The open-source ReportLab Tookit is supported by the community.  The first port of call is the users list, available by emailing  The best interface is a Google Group at; it's mirrored from the original source at  Our staff cannot promise to answer directly.   Please also bear in mind that if you send us a patch, it may take a lot of time to evaluate and prove safe in all cases so we cannot accept all of them.

If you would like commercial support for an open source application, feel free to contact; or you can buy a block of support time online.  However, bear in mind that it will take a lot longer to create runnable teaching examples than with ReportLab PLUS.