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ReportLab's customised travel & hotel brochures give your customers a truely bespoke experience by delivering the precise content they need.

customised travel brochure

Let your customers build their own bespoke brochures to take away from your website and share with friends and family. Give them only the information they need for all stages of their journey.

ReportLab's intelligent layout systems can draw information from you website, local tourist information, airlines and more. Give your guests a short list of the best local restaurants and bars to their hotel, airport taxi information, nearby doctors or the closest diving centre as they make their booking. You empower them to pick the information they want to see.

ReportLab provides a way to publish travel and hotel information in multiple languages. It can combine information on multiple resorts and hotels in one cleanly arranged document with branding and design consistent across all pages. ReportLab sits alongside your existing web framework, drawing content on demand from your website CMS or database. No manual effort is needed in assembling the brochures aside from keeping your web content up to date. For example the Hilton group generate brochures for over 3,000 hotels in 6 languages, serving millions of downloads every year. 

See our work for the Seychelles Tourism Board.

If you already produced a resort or hotel directory for print or and would like a quick, low-cost way to start serving customised brochures online, please get in touch with us.