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Quilter Cheviot Fund Factsheets

Fund factsheets automation for 80+ products and whitelabels.



Quilter Chevot are one of the UK's largest discretionary investment management firm, working with over 40,000 clients. The number of funds they manage has increased substantially in recent years and producing regular factsheets for each of their clients was becoming an increasing burden.

“Quilter Cheviot approached ReportLab to produce a system that would automate the production of factsheets for our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS). ReportLab built a system that allows us to produce our factsheets en masse at the end of each month or on an ad-hoc basis. The system is easy to use and producing new factsheet templates is as easy as clicking a few buttons to select the layout and our logos. ReportLab provided an easy data upload feature where data integrity can be checked before the factsheets are finalised. There is a three stage sign-off feature which allows for a robust audit trail and allows our Compliance team to have final sign off.”

-- Wayne Smith, MPS & Platform Services Manager, Quilter Cheviot

The sucess of the project has seen further features added, including an intuitive click-to-edit web interface to tweak reports directly whilst retaining data integrity.