JSON2PDF Service


Over the years we have evolved a simple way to give companies a document-generation service: You create a packet of data in json format, and post it to a web URL that converts it to a PDF.    

This works well for both management and developers.  You can either use your own design team to create a mockup of what you want, or we can work with you to design something.  Once we see the content and the desired output, we can give you a fixed price and fast turnaround to implement it, and we code up the documents.  

Later, if you want to run in-house, we can give you the JSON-to-PDF application to run on your own web server; and it can be trivially adapted to run as a function.

This can help small startups to deliver beautiful output in the minimum of time, and big ones where the development team is busy enough to offload a piece of the puzzle to specialists.  It's easy to understand, fast, scalable, and future-proof.   

Have a look at this example, which makes a variety of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs).

See our documentation site for further information on our JSON-to-PDF solution.