We're doing things that have never been done with data in the world of sports.

Personalised results and programmes, tailored to the interest of every fan.

Event Solutions

For major sporting events, we can build solutions that inform fans, athletes and coaches and provide focused space for sponsors with stories such as

  • personalised programmes, created on demand, with the content each spectator or competitor needs - download and take to the event
  • personalised results - your results, splits, analysis, and those of your teammates and friends, rankings and categories relevant to you
  • reducing print costs and being more relevant

Our clients in this sector includes working with include;

  • European Athletics and various European Athletic Federations - ReportLab have been working with Euopean Athletics on a number of high profile software projects, including data capture, entries and federation managment.
  • Surrey League - has included, Race Numbers and Bibs for printing and PDF programmes.

We have been implementing solutions in travel and event management for years and can rapidly apply the same stories to sport.  We're actively seeking major running and track and field events to pilot solutions with.


Sport cries out for custom visualisation of data.  Many companies are using our ReportLab PLUS package to create exactly what they need.  Some examples:

  • BirdieFire - a hosted service for players and coaches of both baseball and golf. The 2018 US College Baseball National Champion (Oregon State University) and the 2018 Women’s Golf National Champion (University of Arizona) were utilizing ReportLab generated PDFs on their way to winning these championships.
  • Kinetic Performance Technology - monitoring advanced training