Hosted Solutions


For a decade and a half ReportLab has been developing systems that turn our clients' content and data into dynamic PDF documents at high speed.

The heart of our business is a rock solid codebase for PDF creation. Our tools generate complex, dynamic documents at far higher speeds than any well known desktop solutions (learn more and download a trial version).

ReportLab DocEngine™ is our complete hosted solution for businesses. It marries the ReportLab PDF toolkit to a robust platfom that accepts multiple inputs and offers validation tools, user access controls and audit trails. As well as rapidly generating beautiful PDFs it can output validated content in a host of different formats for use elsewhere. Read our ReportLab DocEngine PDF for more detail of how it can be the golden source of information for your business.

System diagram

Our developers can help create total solutions for your business:

  • consumer-oriented front-end interfaces
  • large scale content management systems
  • robust data feeds
  • secure cloud-based web applications

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Financial companies

Statements & valuations

Our data to print on demand capabilities mean that financial advisers can produce completely bespoke, professionally printed valuation packs for each individual client, whether they have 20 or 20,000. Learn more or read our Allenbridge case study.


Eliminate mistakes, cut paperwork, and save time with ReportLab's automated systems for auto-completing any financial forms. Learn more or read our Fidelity case study.

        KIIDs and KFDs

We allow fund managers to automate the production of Key Investor Information Documents and Key Features Documents, complex forms that must be tailored to a particular investor's situation. A single set of details can instantly populate multiple forms. Learn more or read our Fidelity case study.

Travel and Hotels

The travel industry is hugely competitive and online marketers are always on the look out for new ways to give customers a more personalised experience. ReportLab allows them to present their content in a more effective manner:

        Hotel eBrochures and eDirectories

Maintaining up-to-date brochures on a chain of hotels is nearly impossible to do manually. With ReportLab, not only are these documents generated automatically, but users can create customised information packs on demand. Learn more.

        Customised travel guides

Whether a tourism board or tour operator, travel organisations have a wealth of content to distribute. With ReportLab, this can be easily turned into personalised travel guides, assembled instantly through user-friendly interfaces to give customers precisely the content they need. Learn more or read our Seychelles case study.

        Destination sites

Our unique site framework provides the most efficient way to manage content and power both websites and eBrochures from one place. Point and click to edit a local attraction and see the changes instantly in both the website and brochures.

Universities & education

Educational institutions have a lot of content and a widely diverse audience. With increasing concerns over the costs of bulk printing and the inefficiency of manually duplicating the same content in several places, a more rational way to manage and publish content is required. 

Download our white paper (PDF).

        Customised prospectus

We have developed a standard tool for taking an existing PDF and serving completely customised versions online. It's the best bespoke prospectus tool around! Learn more.

        Publications hub - automated PDF on demand

A whole new way to approach content management and publication is here. Beautiful PDF documents are assembled on demand straight from web content so no effort is wasted keeping publications consistent and up-to-date. The system can run off a data feed from our client's database or they can manage everything within our own user friendly CMS. Learn more or read our UCL case study

Designers & digital printers

ReportLab has years of experience powering the transformation of content into digitally printed solutions. Whether you are a design firm looking to add variable data print on demand to your offerings or a printer looking for a better way to streamline workflows for web-to-print, ReportLab can help. Learn more or read our Hewlett Packard case study.