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Seychelles Tourism Board

A bespoke travel guide to paradise


The Seychelles: one of the world's most scenic destinations, and a byword for luxury travel.

With 115 islands, around 150,000 visitors every year, and hundreds of tourism-related businesses, the Seychelles Tourism Board has a lot of information to manage. It's all kept in a highly sophisticated, custom built Destination Management System, which holds content on almost all aspects of the islands and simultaneously powers their web site. Now, with ReportLab, this content is also available in the form of beautiful up-to-date PDF brochures to take away from the site.

Users may select options from a friendly interface (Try it here), building a short-list of hotels and locations as well as choosing the types of attractions they are most interested in. The system then instantly assembles just the content they want into a personalised brochure. It's a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of getting information to tourists and travel agents all around the world with over 30 distinct types of content to be published, from accommodation listings to guidebook information.