Reis Asset Advisor - property market analysis


The "tool of choice" for real estate market analysis reports

Reis Asset Advisor - property market analysis

“Every quarter, Reis uses ReportLab tools to deliver more than 100,000 reports to our clients. Some use a canned format, and some are dynamically created according to configuration preferences established by end users. Despite the large number of reports, and their often highly variable nature, we have never had a problem with capacity or reliability. We have found ReportLab tools to be highly scalable and versatile. For all of these reasons, ReportLab remains our tool of choice for the production of our presentation quality reports.”

-- Paul Grier, Senior Vice President Technology, Reis

Reis is the leading provider of market analysis and transaction support data for the U.S. commercial real estate market, producing subject property data, lease roll, and market variable forecasts.

They deliver a large number of on-the-fly reports: CompTrend, CompQuote Plus, Sales Comparables, Valuation/Credit Risk Analysis and the comprehensive Reis Apartment Asset Advisor. Thousands of users at more than 300 major institutional clients use these reports on a daily basis for office, apartment, retail and industrial real estate information. Each report combines data from several different sources.

Reis aims to give more sophisticated and detailed reports than its direct competitors and Reportlab's solution allows them to integrate information from many sources into readable and visually attractive documents.