ReportLab PLUS pricing


Pricing & licensing

ReportLab PLUS licenses are available on an annual lease and include a support allowance as standard. Our charges are based on the volume of pages produced by the license, not the number of installed packages. You are welcome to run multiple copies of the software as long as you stay within the usage allowance. 

We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card. Note that payments by credit card (via STRIPE) are subject to a 2.5% handling fee.

Pages of PDF Output Per MonthAnnual Lease (GBP)Annual Support Hours
up to 30,000 pages13254
30k - 100k pages26508
100k - 300k pages530012
300k - 1 Million pages1060016
1 Million + Ask

Please note:

  • For the Financial Services Industry, prices are DOUBLE the above.  In many cases the monthly automation of complex pages is of huge value to financial fims; our existing clients in this industry produce significant volumes of graphics, tables and reports and  regularly require additional support.
  • Prices are intended for server-side use only. A single license covers all machines needed to support a single business application at a single site. 
  • Does not permit the embedding of ReportLab's software for resale.  Please email with embedding queries.

How to Buy

  • By credit card through our online payment process (provided by STRIPE). Please note a 2.5% handling fee will be added.
  • By bank transfer. Please get in touch for IBAN or SWIFT details.