Download the ReportLab Toolkit


The ReportLab Toolkit is a cross platform Python source package. Performance can be accelerated by compiling some extra code written in C; this is recommended but not required.

We provide precompiled binaries for Windows but not for any other platform. Many Linux distributors and other UNIX-like OS vendors provide their own binaries for download, which are installed along with the source code when using the relevant package manager.

Many Linux distributions now include ReportLab in their package repositories. However, these are not maintained by ReportLab, and might not be the latest version.

For full installation instructions, see the HG repo readme..


  • All our software requires Python (versions 2.4 through 2.7 supported; v2.6 is recommended if you're new to Python)
  • If you want to use GIF or PNG images in your PDFs, you will also need to install the Python Imaging Library.

Latest release

The latest official release is 3.0. To see what's new, check the release notes

Cross-Platform Source Packages:

The source package can be installed with 'python install' on any platform with a C compiler. The package contains tests and documentation. In order to use the accelerated binaries on Windows, you will need to manually install the relevant DLLs .

Windows Installers

These install the source code and the precompiled binary DLLs. Choose the appropriate file for your version of Python

Daily snapshots

Repository checkout:


Precompiled C extensions for Windows:

To install these on Windows, just unzip the file and copy the contents to any location which is available from the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

Older Versions & Other Software

For access to all our older software and other packages, you can browse the download directory here