ReportLab applications are used to generate a wide variety of report formats to meet business needs. Here are some of our favorite examples - click any thumbnail to see the full PDF document.

Appeal for samples

We last updated this a very long time ago, and we need your help!

We are appealing for our user group to send in examples of all the great work they have been doing. These will be used to enliven the site, show specific technical capabilities, and help others find out what our library can do and how to do it. Our (older) examples are on the left, and many more of our portfolio case studies site are visible in the same fomat...

You are able to log in to your account (or sign up for one if you haven't already) and manage your own examples. If you have smaller samples of code rather than a project and you think they would be useful to others, you may like to contribute to the code snippets

We'll be happy to help draft and reformat screen shots for you, but if you like to control the graphic design, our 'spec' is as follows...

  • a brief name or title
  • a 'teaser' sentence summing up what it's about
  • the 'content' - the main story in plain text or Markdown (don't worry, we'll format it for you)
  • an extra 'details' field holding as much info you want, for people who want to read beyond the basics
  • a main image, 400x200 pixels
  • a thumbnail image, 200x200
  • as many more 400x200 images as you wish to go within the flow of the text.
  • one or more PDF documents which readers can download

Please make sure that any documents you include do NOT contain sensitive data; we can help delete names and make minor corrections if needed. Nothing will go live until you and we have reviewed it on a staging server and approved.

NASA Reports

NASA Reports