Fidelity eForms


Electronic Form Filling for the Investment Industry

Fidelity eForms

Think investment, think paperwork.

Any financial investment today seems to require reams of paperwork and form filling, and for independent financial advisers the problem is one that uses considerable time and resources. ReportLab's eForms system, developed for Fidelity International as part of their FundsNetwork investment platform, cuts through the tedium of repeated form filling and provides a flexible solution for IFAs and their clients.

Depending on the user and their preferences, documents and paperwork can be downloaded and printed part or fully filled for a huge range of investment types and specific funds. Simple HTML wizards guide the client or adviser through a series of steps, culminating in the production of a PDF form pre-populated with the information they have entered. Client and adviser details can be retained and used across funds and investments, and advisers can simultaneously create the necessary Key Features Documents required by UK law.

The eForms system is a part of Fidelity International's FundsNetwork investment platform, which allows investment professionals access to cutting edge tools for investment management support. Along with the Key Features Document server, investment advisers have a powerful tool for dealing with paperwork. Errors are minimised and the electronic format speeds up processing and cuts down on mail time.