Artwork Requirements


Please follow these guidelines before generating and sending artwork to be included in our PDFs. This guide is intended to help designers so it should save time and avoid complications throughout your project.

For page layouts/templates, we prefer to be sent a single, entire page in each PDF file. This PDF page should have the exact same dimensions as the final output is intended, e.g. A4 or US Letter. The only exceptions should be the areas that can change from page to page (headings, page numbers, body text etc.)

For logos and other small artwork, please make sure the final PDF size is cropped to just the relevant area. This allows us include your graphics and position/size them more easily. We prefer your artwork to be sent as a PDF file, although PostScript (PS), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are acceptable.

The final consideration is with regards to image quality. Please ensure that as many of the graphical elements as possible are vector-based rather than raster. Logos, for example, should always be vector as the curves used to draw them allow them to scale to any size without becoming pixelated.

All non-vector artwork (raster/bitmap) such as photos should be created at sufficient resolution for the desired output medium. Just because images look fine on a monitor does not mean they will appear crisp when printed. 300 DPI (dots per inch) is generally sufficient for professional print runs, however, if your PDFs are intended for displaying from a website and home printing you may find 72 to 150 DPI more suitable for keeping the file size small and download times short.

From time to time there will be exceptional requirements. In these cases please contact us to discuss the situation further.